ZERA Food Recycler

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  • March 12,2017
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Winner of this year’s coveted CES Best of Innovation Award for Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies, the Zera Food Recycler takes a week’s worth of your food and transforms it into ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer. WLabs, Whirlpool’s eco-friendly spin-off corporation, has created a revolutionary kitchen recycler that simply outperforms composting on every level imaginable.


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According to WLabs’ Indiegogo campaign which has raised $437,815 in funding, the average family produces “over 400 pounds of food waste per year,” which translates into approximately 20% of space in landfills. From producing methane – a harmful greenhouse gas to taking up much-needed space in overflowing landfills, food waste is becoming an epidemic and has a direct impact on global warming.


With that being said, Zera can “recycle a week’s worth of food waste within 24 hours through a fully automated process.” By simply pressing a button or connecting to Zera’s intuitive companion app, users are able to grind up 95% of their food (minus bones and pits) and turn it into soil for plants, gardens, lawns, etc. WLabs’ kitchen recycler “reduces food waste by over two-thirds its original volume” and makes instant fertilizer in 24 hours.


When comparing the features of the Zera Food Recycler to Composting, there really is no competition. If reducing your carbon footprint in a convenient, hassle-free way interests you, and it should, look no further than Zera’s Food Recycler. Compared to the month-long composting process that requires manual labor, Zera makes ready-to-use fertilizer in just 24 hours by pressing a button. Since the average residential compost is unable to compost meat or dairy, Zera takes everything except bones and pits. Finally, the Zera Recycler does not attract pests and wildlife, unlike composted food waste. This means you can sprinkle your fertilizer throughout your backyard without worrying about raccoons snacking on last night’s dinner.


Here’s how your Zera Food Recycler works:


Step 1: Slide open the lid and place the entire Zera Additive Pack inside, then continue to add food daily until full (large, 7-day capacity bin).

Step 2: Slid the lid closed and press the start button or start the device remotely using your Zera mobile app. Let the transforming process being.

Step 3: The end result: ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer in 24 hours. Remove the output bin, and spread it on your lawn, garden or outdoor potted plant.


Zera’s iOS/Android compatible app allows users to control the recycling process remotely. Whether you want to pause/stop a cycle or simply want notification when the 24-hour transformation process is complete, Zera’s app keeps you informed every step of the way. From activating the child safety control locks to filter replacement notifications, monitoring your kitchen recycler is as simple as grabbing your smartphone.


With an estimated ship date scheduled for October 2017, the Zera Food Recycler is one of the most disruptive eco-technologies patents to hit the consumer marketplace in quite some time. As WLabs so eloquently explains on their website: “Zera enables households to realize the rewards of doing their part to reduce landfill waste.”

  • Large, 7-Day Capacity
  • Processes within 24 Hours
  • HEPA/Carbon Filter
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Mobile App-Enabled Control
  • Energy Consumption: 300kWh per Year
  • Handles 95% of Household Food Waste (except stems/bones)
  • October 2017 Availability