The NexD1

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  • February 20,2017
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The NexD1

With a first round delivery date scheduled for October 2017, Next Dynamics has unveiled the most affordable, high-end 3D multi-material liquid jet printer on the market today. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large-scale industrial manufacturer, NexD1 is capable of printing multi-material prototypes with up to six different materials at the same time.


From printing circuit boards to cutting specials resins, NexD1 uses groundbreaking 3D printing tech called PolyJet allowing makers to integrate electronics into their industrial designs. “NexD1 prints fully functional circuits exactly like in a regular PCB and places them in any 3D configuration with your design.”


Called the “new realm of 3D prototyping,” Next Dynamics’ 3D printer comes with a six-cartridge storage system with no digital rights management (DRM) and what the company describes as a “large array of compatible 3rd party photopolymers.” With built-in eco-friendly support materials, NexD1 finalizes 3D design prototypes with tap water instead of using highly toxic chemicals.


The real magic of NexD1 is its groundbreaking DigiJet Technology. Each one of NexD1’s six highly precise (10 microns) and cost efficient printheads has 200 liquid-jetting nozzles with a diameter of 5 microns, according to the company’s website. “A pre-heating system ensures a super precise flow and accurate deposition of the material that gets cured by a wide and high powered UV-laser after each layer.” Since NexD1 has its own patent on its printhead technology and doesn’t need to rely on Xerox or Ricoh, production costs are reduced making this one of the most affordable 3D printers.


From printing and combining six materials at once to slicing a low resistant circuit with 10-micron precision, NexD1 is the most intuitive 3D industrial printer at an affordable price point. Armed with non-toxic water soluble supports materials and a rather large-scale build volume of 8 x 8 x 8 inches, designers are working with an industrial-grade 3D printer than fits on top of your desk.


“Due to the tiny drop size being jetted by 200 nozzles on each printhead, no other 3D printer is capable of the precision and speed and the price point of the NexD1.”

  • Print 3D, low resistance circuits
  • Connect with any smartphone (print from anywhere)
  • Ultra-high resolution (10 micron precision)
  • Multi-material (print and combine six materials at once)
  • Build Volume: massive 8x8x8 inch build volume
  • Onboard Slicer: slice and print with a touch of your finger
  • Availability (End of October 2017)