• Spencer Pines, iReviews
  • August 01,2022
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Physical security solutions for personal networks are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. People are beginning to realize the era of the smart home is upon us, and that realization comes with the understanding that in-home technology may be vulnerable to hackers.


The increasing prevalence of interconnected technology in our lives is often referred to as “the Internet of things.” An incredible amount of everyday home appliances now feature internet connectivity; regardless of form or function, any device with internet capabilities has the potential to be compromised.


Cyber-security company IoT Defense has recognized a lack of protection for consumer devices and has formulated a hardware based solution, RATtrap.

RATtrap is a compact and efficient smart firewall for the modern smart home. It is intended to be an “out of sight, out of mind” type of online protection. Once plugged into your network, RATtrap protects all your internet connected devices from malicious hackers looking to gain access to your devices, data, and generally just breach your privacy.


RATtrap is powered by a scalable 32-bit ARM Cortex A8-based 1GHz processor and features 512MB of RAM and 4GB of flash storage, a truly respectable amount of power for such a small device.

Easy Solution to a Complex Problem

RATtrap sits behind your broadband modem/internet router and requires little to no management after installation. The team behind RATtrap clearly understand this concept and have found a way to make a complex high-security device palatable for the average consumer without compromising security or functionality.


The device is one of the only true “plug-and-play” internet security peripherals on the market and may in fact be one of a kind in that regard. All RATtrap requires to completely protect you from the nefarious aspects of the internet is two Ethernet cables and a power input, both of which are included in the package.

Consumer-Oriented Design, Top-Notch Security

RATtrap is an incredibly user-friendly device, from its physical design characteristics to its host of additional protective features. Aesthetically speaking, the device is astonishingly small and sports a very simplistic, yet modern, all white design.


There’s no real reason for an internet security peripheral to be unnecessarily flashy and eye-catching, and a lot of consumers can appreciate valuing functionality over appearance.


Making plug-and-play setup even easier, their patent-pending port-position independent design allows for users to just plug in the Ethernet cables without worry, as RATtrap will automatically determine what’s on the other side, broadband modem or internet router.


Additionally, users can monitor attacks, usage statistics, and the overall health of their network via the mobile app for Android/iOS or their web portal.


From the moment it’s plugged in and powered on, RATtrap protects your smart home from threats of all kinds in real time. This protection is constant and consistent, requiring no configuration or manual updating; RATtrap features an automatic update model that eliminates service downtime and maximizes user protection.


All updates are distributed via secure channels and are all digitally signed to ensure the device itself isn’t compromised. RATtrap also communicates via the cloud with other RATtrap devices, creating a self-protecting network that can adapt in real time to emerging threats. In conjunction with cloud based machine learning algorithms, RATtrap offers truly comprehensive protection for all devices on your network.

  • Protects all devices on your network, not just personal computers
  • Helps secure internet-connected devices not protectable with software
  • Truly a plug-and-play device
  • Scans network in real-time to detect threats or potential vulnerabilities
  • Automatic updating with no downtime
  • RATtrap cloud & machine learning protection
Spencer Pines, iReviews

By Spencer Pines, iReviews

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