From the JIBO family robot to the Nest Thermostat 3.0, connected devices are making our homes a thousand times smarter. Whether you have simply a laptop connected to your wireless network or a host of smart gadgets, cyber hackers are getting more sophisticated in their abilities to tap into your network.


By purchasing connected devices and bringing them into your home, you’re also attracting cybercriminals determined to get their hands on your personal information. With a 75% home hacker success rate getting into your devices, California start-up CUJO has developed an iron-clad firewall that keeps your connected home safe.


Bringing “business-level security to the home network,” CUJO is a highly intuitive firewall that uses state-of-the-art machine learning to safeguard your network. From your Sense Home Energy Monitor to your Smart Remote, CUJO protects and blocks malicious sites and incoming hackers.


With one CUJO device protecting all smart gadgets connected to your home network, you can rest assured that your email, cameras, photos, and personal banking information are protected when you jump online.


CUJO’s business-level firewall works with your WiFi router, modem, wireless extender or alternative access point. After initial setup, CUJO analyzes your local network traffic data, sends statistics to the cloud for further analysis, and if a threat or suspicious activity is detected, CUJO will communicate with the cloud and send you an instant notification via your smartphone.


Capable of monitoring all of your devices connected to your home network, CUJO’s companion app receives real-time threat notifications, allows users to control internet access, and enables manual overriding of suspicious threat alerts. In other words, you have complete control of your entire home network by opening up the CUJO app on your smartphone.


So what makes CUJO so different from the countless malware programs available for purchase at Best Buy? According to the company’s website, unlike the traditional antivirus or antimalware software, CUJO is designed to protect multiple connected devices and not just one.


It’s a universal protector of all smart home devices. In addition, CUJO applies “IP/DNS threat intelligence, behavioral analysis using machine learning technology, unauthorized remote access detection, and command/control detection.”


With 55% of cyber attacks going unnoticed by commercial antivirus software (The Guardian) and 90% of connected devices vulnerable to security threats (HP), a firewall program that keeps getting smarter is the only answer.


Thankfully, if one CUJO detects a threat, the entire CUJO network is notified – keeping the software one step ahead of the most innovative cyber attacks. “When we catch something, we send packet statistics to the CUJO cloud to analyze device behavior and make sure every other CUJO is aware of this kind of attack.”


With a mission to “allow people to experience a connected life without compromise,” software engineers at CUJO have developed a cybersecurity package second-to-none.