The inventory of things to keep track of in our lives is growing constantly. Whether it’s a set of car keys or a new phone, there needs to be an intuitive way of tracking our belongings, especially if you’re someone always on the go. Thankfully, the powers of Bluetooth technology and GPS have given us a revolutionary tracking device that keeps an eye on your possessions.


Introducing Tile Mate and Tile Slim – ultra thin tracking devices that attach to your belongings. It’s as simple as attaching the tracker to the back of your laptop and when lost, simply use the iOS/Android compatible app to locate your missing item within the 100-foot Bluetooth radius. If your item’s last location is outside the 100-foot range, you can activate the “Last Place Seen” feature and leverage the location features to find your missing item.
If you’re holding a Tile but can’t find your phone nearby, simply double press your Mate or Slim and it will ring your lost phone—even on silent. If all else fails, you can log in to their website to see your phone’s last known location, make it ring, or send a lock-screen message.

Our Experience

Personally, I have been gifted Tiles by multiple people in my life without ever asking. I am notorious for losing my keys, phone, wallet, purse, and more. I spend so much time and money trying to find and replace items that ultimately my loved ones have decided to buy me Tiles on multiple occasions.


When the first Tile came out, I had a backpack Tile, car key Tile, and purse Tile. They were small but thick squares that clipped onto any item with a key ring. Unfortunately, the original Tiles were too wide to put in my credit card wallet or flat spaces.