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  • Spencer Pines, iReviews
  • August 02,2022
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Capable of bringing down the temperature to 44.6-degrees Fahrenheit in a 50 square foot space, the Zero Breeze portable air conditioner is one of the most useful devices on the market.


There is now a Zero Breeze Mark II review available


Available in a sleek silver casing, the Zero Breeze is ideal for cooling small spaces whether it’s an RV or a home office. Using state-of-the-art rotary compression refrigeration that is both environmentally and ozone-friendly, the Zero Breeze is not a typical portable cooling device. Instead of relying on an internal fan system that simply freezes water, the Zero Breeze AC has a built-in Dupont R-134, a refrigerant with a cooling capacity of 1100 BTU/hour.


Backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Zero Breeze is designed for durability whether it’s being used to cool the family during a summer BBQ or simply making the mid-August lake trip a bit more bearable. For indoor use, just plug in the unit, attach the included hose, and extend the other end outside.


For the great outdoors, Zero Breeze comes with a battery pack that lasts close to 5 hours on medium power (3.5 hrs on high). The Power Bank consists of 64 cells of 18650’s (the same one’s Tesla’s uses) – making the Zero Breeze a fully functioning portable AC that can go pretty much anywhere. If there was any concern around mobility, this 12 volt/40 AH battery lasts for an entire beach day, tailgate party, afternoon picnic, etc. If you’re indoors, simply plug the Zero Breeze into a wall outlet for perpetual use.


With the option of three fan speeds and cooling settings (Cool Airflow, Instant Breeze, Regular Fan Airflow), you can adjust the temperature accordingly. As previously mentioned, the Zero Breeze has the ability to reduce the temperature down to approximately 44-degrees.


As the sun begins to go down and the temperatures begin to fall, simply turn off the AC and turn on the 250lm LED light. The long-lasting LED is good for up to 30,000 hours and is the perfect compliment for lake trips, picnics, camping trips, tailgates, garage parties, BBQ’s, etc. It makes the transition from portable AC to illuminated device a seamless one.


The Zero Breese Mark II is available for around $1,500 and can be purchased through the link here along with other products and accessories.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-Use
  • 3 Fan Speeds & Cooling Settings
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Power Bank for Portable Use
  • LED Light
  • Coolest Temp: 44.6 Degrees F
Spencer Pines, iReviews

By Spencer Pines, iReviews

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