Parrot Disco FPV

Combining all the latest in technology, the Parrot Disco FPV (first person view) drone experience is the ultimate flying experience. Clocking in at a top speed of 49.71 mph, the Parrot Disco is proof-positive that the drone industry is starting to step it up a notch. Adding to the flying experience, the Parrot Disco drone comes with Cockpitglasses that turns your drone adventure into a virtual reality adventure.

The Flying Fish Unmanned Aerial Aquatic Vehicle

With everyone focused on the best surveillance drones flying overhead, let us not forget about the many underwater drones hitting the market. Whether it’s the Pioneer, Biki or the PowerRay, manufacturers have been busy designing some innovative underwater drones. Taking it to the next level, Roboticists at the Research and Exploratory Development Department of the John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory have unveiled the first ever Flying Fish Unmanned Aerial Aquatic Vehicle (UAAV) and it’s pretty awesome.

At 179.3 mph, Drone Captures Guinness World Record

Already considered the NFL of drone racing, the DRL (Drone Racing League) is on a mission to bring its sport into the mainstream limelight. On the heels of the DRL raising $20 million from broadcasting network Sky and Formula 1’s Liberty Media Corp, the company has a serious shot at making professional drone racing a worldwide phenomenon. With the 2017 DRL season already underway as of June 20th, the DRL Techops team wanted to showcase the revolutionary technology that will someday become the future of drone racing.