35 Online Work Ideas to Earn Good Money Whilst Studying

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  • February 04,2022

Over the last several years, companies’ attitudes about workers going remote have changed significantly. Around the world, around 18% of all people work remotely full-time.

There are all kinds of jobs that students can try while they’re studying depending on their current education level and the time they have to dedicate to working. Online tutoring is particularly popular, but freelancing in writing and editing, IT, or gaming is also possible. Freelance web designers, resume writers, transcriptionists and linguists might all be able to have flexible schedules while they’re in school.

As a student, you may not have the time to go into an office while trying to manage your studies. Fortunately, there are options for you to earn money while studying that allow you to remain remote.

We have put together a collection of some of the best work-from-home, remote options that you can use while you’re still in school. The nice thing about some of these options is that they could translate into more work experience and help you prepare for a more serious role after you graduate.

We have put together a collection of some of the best work-from-home, remote options that you can use while you’re still in school.

The nice thing about some of these options is that they could translate into more work experience and help you prepare for a more serious role after you graduate.

35 Online Work Ideas to Earn Good Money Whilst Studying

35 Best Online Work Ideas for Students to Earn Whilst Studying

There are dozens of places you can go online to get instant work, and there are companies that will hire you while you attend school, too. Here are some excellent ideas to help you bring in money while you finish your education.

Surveys for Students

Survey sites are great for students who don’t have much time between classes for full projects or remote work. Instead, they can hop on a survey before bed or quickly fill one out between classes. Surveys may take anywhere from two or three minutes up to an hour or more, so you may want to look into multiple sites and apps to see what works best for your schedule.

Here are some of the most legitimate survey sites to help students earn money while they study.

Grab your phone or laptop to get started.


  • Best for: Students with limited time – InboxDollars


    InboxDollars is a quick survey system that works with a cash reward program instead of a points system. There are many surveys to choose from, though they generally pay only up to $5 each. When you do make enough money to cash out, you can ask for a check, gift card, or prepaid VISA card.
  • Best for: Students looking to score gift cards and prizes – iSay


    iSay is a market research firm that allows users to take on survey opportunities to gather points. Points are then redeemable for gift cards and cash, letting them redeem their points for the items they need most. Unfortunately, points don’t have cash value.
  • LifePoints


    LifePoints is a survey site that lets you make money by answering questions about new products and services. You get points for signing up and can download an app to make it easy to take this program with you no matter where you are. This is a good way to make money between classes.
  • Best for: Couponers, students with time for surveys and regular email users – MyPoints


    MyPoints is an interesting site that allows you to collect points for searching, opening emails, playing games, buying items and more. When you get at least 480 points, you can start cashing out for gift cards to places like ULTA Beauty or UBER.
  • Best for: Students who have PayPal – Toluna Influencers


    Toluna Influencers is unique because it does offer payments to PayPal if you earn points and cash them out. There are several survey options based on the topics you like, and you will get between 15 and 50,000 points per survey completed. Points do expire after 12 months, so you have to cash out relatively often.
  • Best for: Influencers – Pinecone Research


    Pinecone Research is a respected survey company that lets you earn points for each completed study. You can then use those points to redeem cash or prizes. For those who want to become influencers, this can be a great way to have your voice heard.
  • Best for: Students who want to complete offers – PrizeRebel


    Not everyone likes to complete offers to earn money, but if you like to sign up and get a domain name for $7 and then to get $12 as reimbursement, as an example, then this is the kind of site you may prefer. This pay-first-and-seek-reimbursement option isn’t really for everyone, but it may be helpful if you have some cash in the bank already.
  • Best for: Students with little downtime – Swagbucks


    Students who don’t have a lot of downtime will appreciate Swagbucks, because it lets you earn in just a few minutes. Tell the system about yourself, receive survey invites and collect Swagbucks for each you complete. Once you get enough SB, cash out for a gift card of your choice from one of over 200 brands.
  • Best for: Students who use PayPal – Opinion Outpost


    Opinion Outpost is a good site to use when you’re interested in taking surveys that pay out in cash to PayPal. The benefits of the site include above-average payouts for completed surveys and a small minimum payout of just $10.
  • Best for: Students looking to earn while using their phones or laptops – Nielson Computer and Mobile Panel


    Neilson Computer and Mobile Panel is an extension of the Nielson brand. It rewards people who use their devices with the Nielson software installed. After you install the software, you can essentially “set it and forget it,” while collecting points for using your devices how you do every day.


Not every student wants to work for someone else, and blogging can be a good way to help you start a solo career. Here are some of the best sites for blogging and bringing in income at the same time.

  • Best for: Students building portfolios of work and network connections – Freelancer


    Freelancers unite on this helpful platform. It connects you directly to clients, so if you’re trying to work your graphic design skills or build up connections with clients in another industry, this could be place to get your foot in the door while getting paid.
  • Best for: Students who regularly write or who have a social media following – Medium


    Students who have something to say may benefit from working on Medium. There is no pay, exactly, when you write, but once you have 100 followers and start to get hits on your blog posts, the site will share a portion of the value of each hit with you. This adds up quickly, especially with viral posts.
  • Best for: Passionate freelancers with limited time due to classes – Fiverr


    When you want to freelance on your own time, there is no better way than to offer your own services to others on your own platform. Fiverr lets you offer services at different tier levels at any price, so you can earn while taking classes.


Something nice about being in higher education is that you now have enough experience to be able to help others learn and grow themselves. If you’re studying to become an educator or are in master’s or doctoral programs, you may also enjoy the following tutoring options to bring in money while attending school.

Ready to tutor? Check out these sites.


  • Best for: Graduate students – VIPKid


    If you have a bachelor’s degree and background in English, VIPKid offers a global platform where you can teach children English all around the globe. Connect online, set appointments, and bring in around $7-9 per class.
  • Best for: Graduated educators attending school – Chegg


    If you’re already an educator and are back in school, you may like Chegg. This platform allows you to share your teaching materials and receive payment for offering educational support to students in collect in multiple countries online.
  • Best for: Students with an existing undergraduate degree – Club Z! Tutoring


    If you’re going for your master’s or doctoral degree, you might enjoy Club Z Tutoring to help you pay your bills. Become a Club Z! tutor and match with students by chatting to get the right fit.
  • Best for: Students who specialize in multiple subjects – Varsity Tutors


    When you work at Varsity Tutors, you’re hired in for a certain amount per hour. You work with one student over a single session or multiple sessions, allowing you to build up clients and make a decent wage from your dorm room.

Remote Job Boards

Remote job boards are great for students who are looking to find work because they can look for one-off, part-time or full-time jobs. Many of the jobs offered by firms and companies around the U.S. and world are hiring remotely, but some may have the option to move into a different position on-location in the future (like after you complete your degree). These jobs may be good for those looking for benefits, like retirement or health insurance, since other freelance-style jobs may not offer those.

Search postings to find the right job for you while you’re in school.


  • Best for: Students looking for a part-time or full-time remote job – FlexJobs


    On FlexJobs, you can search for a remote job by industry. You can get hired in by the project, but it’s more common to be hired part- or full-time by companies all over the world. This is great for students looking for work in their fields.
  • Best for: Students working in customer support, business management, journalism, or similar roles – We Work Remotely


    We Work Remotely is a job board broken down into categories by industry. For students looking to get their foot in the door, this gives them an opportunity to find entry-level positions within their field, giving them an edge over college competition.
  • Best for: Students with associate’s degrees or past work experience – The Muse


    The Muse is a remote work job board that has both flexible positions and fully remote roles. It’s nice because it offers everything from English as a Second Language jobs to sales positions, so students can pick from the industries where they may have some experience.
  • JustRemote


    JustRemote is a classic job board that is great for students looking to work in sales, marketing, SEO content, and more. Hundreds of new jobs are listed each month, so as students complete applicable classes, they can apply for jobs in their field.
  • Best for: Female/women students – Power to Fly


    Designed with women in mind, Power to Fly connects women with remote employers. This clever platform helps connect employees with employers on a trial period, so both can make sure they’re a good match. This is particularly helpful for those busy in school.
  • Best for: Students who speak more than one language – TranslatorsCafe


    If you speak more than a single language, you may enjoy working at TranslatorsCafe while you’re in school. It works like a forum and has remote jobs for people good with linguistics and translation.

Writing Platforms

Writing platforms pay you to complete product descriptions, articles, blogs, and more for clients.

Grab your computer and get ready to write for cold hard cash.


  • Best for: Student journalists, writers, marketers, designers, editors, and others – WriterAccess


    If you are an English major, you might want to join WriterAccess. Writers, designers, editors, and others of various backgrounds with or without degrees or experience can apply to do work with clients on this platform. Pay ranges vary by star level.
  • Best for: Avid writers – Textbroker


    If you enjoy writing marketing copy and would like to make some money at the same time, you can sign up for Textbroker to work from home. Textbroker usually pays by the word, so if you get onto teams that pay well, anywhere from $.01 to $.05 or more per word, then you can make serious money in your free time.
  • Best for: Students who enjoy writing – Crowd Content


    On Crowd Content, you can begin writing to earn money almost immediately. Choose from simple tasks available to the general crowd or get on managed teams to get more regular, and higher-paying, work.
  • Best for: Students who want to blog – ProBlogger


    If you enjoy writing, ProBlogger gives you the opportunity to make money from home. It will teach you how to make your own blog that starts to bring in money, so you can run your own business (and podcast, too, if you’d like).

Job Search Sites

While job search sites aren’t jobs themselves, they do give you a good look into the available remote positions in your area and beyond. With any of these job search sites, you can add in the area where you live and search for remote part- or full-time work.

  • Best for: Job seekers – Glassdoor


    Glassdoor is an excellent site to join if you want to look for a job. It gives you industry insights, like average salaries, while also giving you the opportunity to send your resume to open job positions.
  • Best for: Job seekers – Monster


    Monster lets you search millions of jobs to find those you’d like to apply to. Search locally for part-time or one-off remote jobs, freelance work, and more.
  • Indeed


    Indeed lets you look through millions of jobs to gain experience in your preferred career or to go over company reviews before choosing who you’ll apply to work with. Upload your resume and get insight on the jobs that may be best for you.

IT and Design Roles

If you’re entering the IT field, then you may like to freelance or select a remote job in the industry to build your experience before graduating. Here are several possible options that could help you get work under your belt, support your education and help you get a permanent role once you graduate.

Make the most of your tech experience online.


  • Best for: Gamers – Hitmarker


    If you like gaming, you may enjoy Hitmarker. It is for those who enjoy e-sports and gaming and lets you sort through jobs by level and contract. You might find something you’re able to do between classes, on weekends, or during your downtime.
  • Best for: European students – Remoters


    If you have come into the United States to attend school but are European, you may want to look for a job (pending approval based on your visa) on Remoters. It’s for software developers, marketers, and others in IT.
  • Best for: Engineers, SEO savants, developers – Remote4Me


    If you’re studying engineering, developing software, or working on SEO, you may want to check Remote4Me for work. It’s specifically designed for people who are working in the tech industry and has a collection of job postings from over 40 job boards.
  • Best for: Designers – 99Designs


    Whether you design intricate WordPress websites or do graphics, you can connect to individual gigs on 99designs. Usually, this platform is freelance, so you work when you have time.
  • Best for: Students ready to interview – Remote.ok


    Remote.ok shows you a live ranking of the companies offering work at the moment. These rankings tell you how the companies hire, so you can prepare while you’re on the job hunt.