Dodow Review

Dodow is a small hockey puck shaped device that is easy to use and will work anywhere in your bedroom. Unlike other devices, such as sleep machines that can take over your entire nightstand, Dodow is small and leaves plenty of extra space on your nightstand. It has a round design with a touch-sensitive pad on the top.


Kello is an advanced sleep trainer created to help you tune your body clock to snooze less, wake up earlier, fight jet lag, and take productive power naps. Looking like the love-child of the BOSE sound system and a modern day alarm clock, Kello is a sleep aid device that not only connects to other smart devices; but more importantly, comes with sleep aid programs that help regain control of your out-of-whack sleep patterns.

Smile Direct Club Review

Smile Direct Club is a company that provides clear plastic aligners that you put on your teeth over a period of time to align them into your ideal smile. Aligners are sent as a kit that you go through and change periodically as an alternative to traditional braces.

Suavs Shoes Review

Suavs is a brand and company that produces lightweight, minimalist shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. They are often described as and compared to barefoot shoes because of their light construction and low profile.

No Bull Review

No Bull is a company and brand that produces several lines of products, mainly focusing on their shoes, aimed at the crossfit and work out community. Created by ex Rebok employees, No Bull strives to create a line of shoes that both look good and hold up after multiple workouts.

Ember Mug 2 Review

Ember is a tech company that produces a line of smart cups all using new technology to keep the liquid inside warmer for longer. Think of this as sort of the next step up from a typical thermos.

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Made In Cookware Review

If you’ve ever wondered why your home cooking isn’t as good as a local restaurant, the issue might be in the cookware you buy. While there are restaurant supply stores, they are often hard to find if you live outside of a big city. Made In is a brand that makes it easy for you to order professional equipment and have it delivered right to your door.

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ORBI Prime

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys sharing the moment with panoramic images or an action video, the ORBI Prime sunglasses are a must-have prior to your next adventure. The ORBI Prime shades allow you to capture 360-degree videos and images using four powerful 1080p/4K resolution cameras. It’s a hands-free action camera housed in a pair of cool sunglasses.

WhiteShark MIX

If you’ve ever been snorkeling and love the feeling of skipping through the water like a dolphin, you’re going to love the WhiteShark MIX. Described as “the world’s smallest water scooter,” China-based Sublue Tech designed a powerful underwater dual propeller system capable of reaching speeds up to 3.45 mph.