Everlane Clothes Review

Everlane is one of the hottest fashion brands in the world today. Not only did the New York Times mention the brand, but it also appeared on the pages of Vogue and Glamour. Michael Preysman launched the brand in 2010 based on the simple idea of giving customers access to ethical clothing made from the best materials. Everlane guarantees that all of its products come from factories and facilities that care about their workers and treat them with the respect they deserve. As a bonus, you can use the official site to see the entire process and how the materials became amazing fashions.

Pepper Bra Review

Pepper bras are bras designed by and for women with small breasts. Each bra has the flattering look that you want and can give you a self-esteem boost. Their tagline is even “The industry designs for 36C. We design for AA, A, and B.” All of these bras feature a unique design that keeps the cups from gaping open and scoop the breasts from below to make you look a cup size or more bigger. Cosmopolitan and Allure are just a few of the magazines that talked about this brand and helped raise its online presence.

Knixwear Underwear Review

Is there anything worse than underwear or bras that don’t fit right? Some are so tight that they make it hard to breathe, while others are so loose that they offer no support. Knixwear is a lingerie company that wants to help you find great underwear at good prices. You’ll find tons of bras such as maternity bras for pregnant women and others designed for breastfeeding women. As a bonus, you can shop for some amazing undies. Leakproof panties help you avoid embarrassing stains when you’re on your period.

Clove Shoes Review

No matter how much money you spend on hair care products, you may find that some of those products use harsh chemicals and other ingredients that wreak havoc on your hair. Prose is a new brand that not only wants to help you find products with good ingredients that benefit your hair but also helps you find the right products for your hair. This unique brand offers a free online consultation that asks you questions about your hair to determine what you need. Between the consultation and the available products, it’s no wonder why more than 150,000 people wrote positive Prose reviews online and gave the brand’s products five stars.

Lively Bras Review

LIVELY is a brand founded by women, for women. In an interview with Nordstrom, the company’s founder, Michelle Cordeiro Grant, discussed why comfort should not be considered a secondary consideration. LIVELY provides a wide range of loungewear, activewear and swimwear, as well as fragrances and self-care products.

Shapermint Bras Review

Shapermint is a brand dedicated to helping women look and feel their best. The company believes that every woman has a goddess within and that she should let that goddess out to play. You’ll find products from some of the top brands that offer the comfortable fit that you like with the support that you need. Unlike similar brands that only offer a limited selection of sizes, Shapermint has general sizes such as small and large along with bras that fit women with breasts of up to 42DDD.

Parade Underwear Review

Underwear can make you feel sexy and give you the self-esteem boost that you need. Think about how you feel when you grab an old pair out of your dresser when you’re in a hurry compared to how you feel when you slip into a brand new bra. Many women have a few old bras and panties that they keep tucked away for an emergency such as laundry day. With Parade underwear, you finally have an excuse to clean out your dresser and toss out those old pieces. All of the underwear from this company can help you feel better and sexier as well as give you some added confidence any day of the week.

Oak and Fort Clothing Review

If you’re one of those people, you’ll love Oak and Fort clothing. Oak and Fort is a clothing brand based out of North America with a focus on minimalist living. Instead of releasing hundreds of trendy items each season, this brand sells clothing that will look as great 10 years from now as it does today. Jessica Alba and Black Lively are just a few of the famous faces who love this fashion brand.

Soulmia Review

Fashion trends come and go so quickly today that they spawned the term fast casual, which refers to pieces that only last for one season or until the trend dies. Many fashion brands follow current trends and release clothing that might look great when you wear it for the first time but not so great after it goes through the washing machine. When you buy online, you risk buying clothes that are the wrong size and won’t fit or pieces that do not look anything at all like they looked on the web. Soulmia is a new brand that wants to help you stay on top of the hottest trends and stick to your budget.