xFyro xS2

With the debut of Apple’s Earbuds – many people have been searching for a high-quality alternative which won’t break the bank. Today, we are reviewing the xS2 – xFyro’s all-in-one solution to music on the move. Discover why these brilliant headphones might just be the best we’ve seen this year.

Substratum (SUB) ICO

Substratum is using the concept of hosting servers to create a decentralized web for everyone to browse. Tor and VPN not needed. With an innovative system involving voting for content quality, the company hopes to keep Internet access free.

Google Pixel Buds

Capable of translating 40 languages courtesy of Google Translate paired with a Pixel/Android-compatible smartphone, the all-new Pixel Buds are breaking down the language barrier whether you’re a frequent world traveler, a multinational businessperson, or an ESL educator. Google set out to make a pair of earbuds more helpful and they have certainly accomplished their mission.


Bittrex offers over 190+ cryptocurrencies on their trading platform. With high levels of security and no fees to deposit currency, you may like what this exchange has to offer. Though their withdrawal and trading fees are higher than other exchanges, Bittrex has high volume and several market categories to entice even the most experienced traders.


Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange offering several international currencies for trading, on both a professional and amateur level. It’s the world’s largest bitcoin exchange in Euro volume and liquidity and in trading CAD, USD, GBP and JPY. Their mobile apps could use some more work, and their customer support is too swamped to answer in a timely manner. Still, this exchange has many big selling points, and you should read through our review of Kraken to form your own opinion of this very popular cryptocurrency exchange.


Before you start using the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange for trading, check out what we think about the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange. With its high liquidity, low fees, and extensive selection of altcoins, Hong Kong-based Bitfinex is a favorite among many traders, experienced and amateur.


With high trading limits, strong security, and great benefits for fully-verified users, Coinbase offers a variety of features for all types of users, from beginners to pros. Before you decide to start trading your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin at Coinbase, check out what we think about the popular cryptocurrency exchange.

Zolo Liberty+ Earphones

The wireless earphone market has been held back for the following reasons: poor sound quality, uncomfortable fit, unreliable Bluetooth connectivity, and short battery life. No one wants to drop a couple hundred bucks on a set of earbuds that hurt to wear or simply don’t last the duration of your workout. The wireless craze is only good if the technology works. Thankfully, Zolo has taken on this challenge and has created Liberty+ earphones – a set of snug-fitting acoustic marvels designed to deliver 48 hours of straight music play.

Tipron by Cerevo

First introduced at CES 2016, Tipron – a mobile robot projector – is the brainchild of Japanese smart device manufacturer Cerevo. Capable of beaming an 80-inch screen onto any wall in your home from approximately 10 feet away (3 meters), Tipron is an app-controlled smart projector designed to roll into action whenever the family craves their media fix.


Dispelling the myth that you can’t wear traditional headphones with your helmet, Soundsheild’s patented docking system securely locks in its audio system – allowing the wearer to rip down a mountain while enjoying a favorite music track.