Hydro Rower Review

Hydro Rower is a workout machine designed to simulate rowing. This machine was designed by athletes for everyone to get the health benefits of physical rowing even within the comfort of their own homes. There is much more to it than just simple arm motions, though.

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Rad Power Bikes Review

Rad Power Bikes is one of the better-regarded companies in the electric bike industry. They make good quality bikes with a decent return policy and warranty that help make sure consumers are happy with their purchases.

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Oura Ring Review

The Oura Ring is the latest fitness/health tracking option on the market. While most monitors use a bracelet format, such as Apple Watch and Fitbit, the Oura Ring is worn on your finger. The $399 ring and $5.99 monthly membership provides users with a lightweight, comfortable personal monitoring system. The ring is capable of tracking workouts, heart rate, temperature, sleep, and more.

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Huel Complete Food Review

Huel is a nutrition company that sells meal replacement shakes, powders, and other food items. Their nutritionally complete meals are easily mixable with water and intend to keep you full for hours while making sure your body gets vital nutrients and minerals. Huel was named to imply “Human + Fuel”, as an attribution to their powerful, nutritious, products.

Silk Maison Review

Dedicated to crafting elegant, luxurious silk designs, Silk Maison is a glamorous women’s retailer. Using Grade 6A Premium mulberry silk, wool, cotton, and cashmere, the brand prides itself on using high-quality materials. With Silk Maison’s wide range of lingerie, loungewear, kids clothing, coats, dresses, mens items, and more, everyone can find a silk piece of their choosing.

Annie’s Kit Club Review

Annie’s Kit Club is a craft delivery service that allows customers to choose from a wide variety of projects, where they receive deliveries to their door with materials and instructions. The site has crafts ranging from beading, to knitting, to crocheting, to card making, and much more. Annie’s Kit Club was founded in 1975 and is now a third-generation, family run business based in Indiana.

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StockX Review

StockX is an online reseller that has been open since 2015. The company claims to have been founded as a reaction to the growing lack of safe places for buyers and sellers to reliably move authentic sneakers.

Vivaia Shoes Review

Vivaia is an online shoe store that sells professional, minimalist styles with a sustainable mission. Founded in 2020, Vivaia dedicated its brand to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The shoes themselves are made from recycled plastic bottles formed into comfortable, breathable material.