Review of OpenDrive, unlimited cloud storage, task management and notes for individuals or teams that keeps your cloud data in one place safe and organized.

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Fuze Smart Card

Fuze is the latest smart card to run a successful Indiegogo campaign, raising well over what they expected, at over $2 million. Although the technology is not new, Fuze combines 30 cards into one, which is the largest storage on the market today. Get our thoughts about the Fuze smart card regarding its security, main features, and quality.

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Designed to bring back family game night, Vancouver-based H+ Technologies have created a hologram tabletop device that turns 2D games into highly interactive 3D content. Holus is a triangular holographic chamber that projects media content from computers, tablets, and smartphones. With two versions (Pro and Home), Holus is available to users and developers interested in an entirely new way to interact with digital content.

NEO ICO Review

The cryptocurrency market is a chaotic place full of risks and rewards. I’m not one to condone getting into the market, but if you’re interested then it’s good to know what the offerings are and what you’re getting into. Initial coin offering (ICO) news changes every day. NEO at one point was the eighth largest cryptocurrency, with a global market cap of $1.5 billion.

MSPY Review

There is only so much that you can do as a parent to keep your child safe. Kids today face more dangers than most parents can think about both at home and school. Bullies today often use the web and social media apps to threaten and harass others. While you may feel helpless and wonder if there is anything that you can do, using MSPY can help you feel better. This is a monitoring tool that is easy for parents to use and allows them to keep an eye on their kids.

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Touted as “the magic crystal ball for your kid,” the Orby aims to provide a technological solution to intimate in-home childcare. Developed by Ling Technologies headquartered in China, Orby offers a non-traditional method of child rearing that gives parents peace of mind while offering children a fun and interactive device that helps them grow.

Nikola Zero UTV

With the having once been promised to splash the market, is the idea behind the Nikola Motors’ Zero UTV sound? The product itself was never able to really get out there from the start-up leaving many feeling burnt out by the idea, but is the idea itself still sound?


Designed with a 72-LED smart fret board and armed with a song library of 100+ songs, learning to play the Ukulele is as simple as moving your fingers on the illuminated chords.