Lyra Mission Bicycle

Introducing Lyra – Mission Bicycle’s premium commuter bike, equipped with integrated lighting and built-in GPS. Mission Bicycle wants to “help you fall in love with cycling by building the most personal, reliable, and remarkable city bicycle available”.

Seaboard Block

Roli – the British digital music startup – has developed a modular keyboard surface designed to connect with a full suite of compatible music programs. Whether you’re looking to create your next digital masterpiece in a local café or bring the Seaboard’s portable setup up on stage; the affordable keyboard is an action-packed player equipped with NOISE, Equator Player, BLOCKS Dashboard, and a MaxMSP software program.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive was developed by HTC in collaboration with Valve. HTC recommends a 2 x 1.5-meter space to VR. Vive offers 360˚ motion tracking thanks to breakthrough base station technology which helps the headset/controllers track the exact location in space. The HTC Vive plugs into PCs and pairs with Valve’s mammoth gaming ecosystem.

Bionic Bird

The Bionic Bird is an ultra-lightweight (9.3 g) furtive drone that is connected by Bluetooth and controlled by your smartphone. Designed by aeronautic engineer Edwin Van Ruymbeke, Bionic Bird was inspired by Edwin’s father Tim – who in 1969, created the Tim Bird, a small wing-flapping bird powered by a rubber band. In a 45-year span, 20 million of these wind-up flying birds were sold. You might remember these as a kid: it was simply a rubber band and a wooden bird.

Knixwear Underwear Review

Is there anything worse than underwear or bras that don’t fit right? Some are so tight that they make it hard to breathe, while others are so loose that they offer no support. Knixwear is a lingerie company that wants to help you find great underwear at good prices. You’ll find tons of bras such as maternity bras for pregnant women and others designed for breastfeeding women. As a bonus, you can shop for some amazing undies. Leakproof panties help you avoid embarrassing stains when you’re on your period.


Capable of live streaming on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, FrontRow captures your day-to-day life using a front 8 MP camera and a rear 5 MP camera. Roughly the size of a large pendant (slightly bigger than a necklace or chain), Ubiquiti Labs’ FrontRow measures 59.8 mm (2.4 in) tall and 70.3 mm (2.8 in) wide. The 1.94-ounce pendant comes with a 1.96-inch display that strategically sits above the rear camera unit – hidden from onlookers yet giving easy access to FrontRow’s user-friendly interface.

Dossier Perfume Review

Creating a signature blend takes a lot of time and money. When you buy from a big brand, you might pay upwards of $200 for a single bottle. As much as you love the scent, you probably reserve it for special occasions because you don’t want to waste it. Dossier is a fragrance brand that wants you to feel comfortable wearing your signature scent every day of the week. This company makes scents that are similar to those from the top brands in the world.

Rumpl Blanket Review

In order to reimagine the classic outdoor blanket, Rumpl has set out on a journey. Designed for camping, road trips, and other nature-inspired activities, its throw-overs are manufactured from sustainable materials, are adaptable, and are resistant to adverse weather conditions. A consistent following of more than 130k followers on Instagram, outdoor enthusiasts are gravitating to the designs since they are both entertaining and functional. Rumpl has been highlighted in a variety of media sites, including Forbes, CNN, Wired, InsideHook, and USA Today, in addition to its Shark Tank apparance.

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Review

Not everyone can wear contact lenses and those who do often want to take a break to rest their eyes. This gives your eyes a chance to breathe and can reduce some of the damage you might otherwise experience. As someone who wears glasses, you know that you need to clean them daily. Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is a new product designed to clean your glasses without causing any damage to the lenses.

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