Magic Spoon Cereal Review

Cereal is a breakfast staple. Whether you’re in a hurry or have a little more time in the morning, the odds are good that you love grabbing a bowl before you head out the door. If you take the time to reach the nutritional information though, you might find yourself shocked at both the recommended serving size and the amount of sugar and calories in a single bowl. Magic Spoon is a newer company that wants to help you enjoy one of your favorite foods without feeling guilty. Known as an alternative cereal brand, this company offers different flavors that will delight your inner child.

Arctic Grip™

There are a lot of shoes on the market that aim to be used for activities outdoor. For these types of shoes, the most important qualities are durability and performance. No one wants a pair of shoes that will fall apart on them or that won’t be able to handle the elements that the world will throw at them. The Arctic Grip tries to be a pair of shoes that both performs well and last a long time, but there is more to talk about when looking deeper into them.

KI Ecobe

Footwear is an important yet often overlooked part of daily life. I’ve learned well in the past that the wrong pair of shoes can lead to a lot of pain if you’re on your feet a lot. That’s why I’ve always been rather particular when it comes to what I consider decent shoes. KI Ecobe is an interesting product to look into when it comes to shoes. It claims to be the first self-assembled modular smart shoe that uses no toxic adhesives. Those are a lot of words, but what should they mean to the average consumer?

ASRock Z270 Extreme4

The ASRock Z270 Extreme4 motherboard is a solid middle-of-the-road option that offers many features necessary for gaming and productivity alike. The basics of its technology are nothing new for the most part, and there isn’t too much that makes it stand out.


The purpose of the ShapeScale is to be a 3D scanning device that “digitizes your body shape in less than a minute.” Designed to monitor changes in a person’s body shape over time, ShapeScale uses 3D scanning technology to panoramically capture a model of your body. With an IR 3D Sensor Head, ShapeScale scans you in photorealistic 3D to give you a visual progress report of your body’s progressions.

Cirrus Shower

Today I wanted to take a quick look at a product I’ve heard great things about with the Cirrus Shower line of products. With 10 x’s more surface area coverage and 13 x’s more thermal efficiency, Cirrus claims to be a revolutionary showerhead that uses 75% less water. Cirrus uses water-atomizing CloudMaker technology that transforms your shower experience into a hydrotherapeutic session.

Barracuda Konzu

Having a backpack that can serve you well is important if you plan to do a lot of traveling or outdoor activities that take you away from your home a lot. If I were to list what makes a backpack a good backpack I would say it needs to be spacious, rugged, and comfortable. The Barracuda Konzu attempts to be a backpack that falls into all of these categories and then some.