Annie’s Kit Club Review

Annie’s Kit Club is a craft delivery service that allows customers to choose from a wide variety of projects, where they receive deliveries to their door with materials and instructions. The site has crafts ranging from beading, to knitting, to crocheting, to card making, and much more. Annie’s Kit Club was founded in 1975 and is now a third-generation, family run business based in Indiana.

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Vivaia Shoes Review

Vivaia is an online shoe store that sells professional, minimalist styles with a sustainable mission. Founded in 2020, Vivaia dedicated its brand to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The shoes themselves are made from recycled plastic bottles formed into comfortable, breathable material.

Pawrade Review

Pawrade is an online site that lists hundreds of puppies available for adoption. They do not sell any other pets or adult/senior dogs. The Charleston, SC based company was founded in 2020 and claims to only use selected breeders. After browsing puppies and selecting a pet you would like, you can then complete a buyer questionnaire and pay using PetPay.

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MiamiMD Review

Dermatologist, Dr. Jegasothy, created Miami MD to provide products that support firm, younger looking skin for women. Using quality, natural ingredients, lab tested, expertly formulated skincare, Miami MD promises anti-aging results. The brand describes itself as a “functional beauty” brand, aiming to provide lasting benefits. Miami MD offers eye serums, lifting and firming creams, dark spot correctors, wrinkle erasers, facial cleansers, lip plumpers, and supplements.

SolaWave Cook Review

SolaWave’s team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and dermatologists came together to create a multi use tool that can be used anywhere to improve skin. The brand created a skincare wand that is intended to reduce time, while increasing benefits to facial care. Using the “Renew Complex Serum”, partnered with any of SolaWave’s skincare wands, consumers are able to benefit from four different functions that all aim to improve the appearance of skin while also preventing aging.

Blushmark Review

Blushmark is an online fashion website and mobile app that offers over 10,000 styles for an extremely affordable price. While the site focuses in majority on womens clothing, the site also offers a fairly wide selection for mens clothing.

Allbirds Wool Runners

Tired of shoes that are stiff and fail to move with you? Foot pain and discomfort seem to be almost impossible to ignore. Your shoes should function like an extension of your body. Thankfully, Allbirds Wool Runners fit the bill and are guaranteed to fit your individual foot shape.

Hello Yumi Baby Food Review

Why spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying out new recipes when Hello Yumi will deliver delicious food right to your door? You can choose a plan and get a weekly delivery that includes eight to 16 meals up to 24 meals. The amount that you order depends on how much milk or formula your baby drinks and whether you supplement their diet with other foods. Hello Yumi asks that you pick the stage that your child is in when signing up for a plan.


Rokid’s Melody is a stationary family robot capable of omni-directional voice recognition, facial recognition, with a multi-dimensional interactive display that can show moving graphics. Similar to Amazon Echo or Google’s Home with its ability to integrate with home automation systems, Melody separates herself with powerful voice and facial recognition technology. Melody has the ability to distinguish you from other family members and at the same time, can act as a hub for the internet-of-things at home.

Movidius Neural Compute Stick

Intel is attempting to democratize the deep learning application process by unveiling its Movidius Neural Compute Stick. According to the company’s press release, this is the first USB-based deep learning inference kit with a self-contained artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator that “delivers dedicated deep neural network processing capabilities to a wide range of host devices at the edge.”