Parrot Bebop 2 Power FPV Drone

The French company, Parrot, continues to launch new and improved FPV (First Person View) camera drones. This time around, Parrot has unveiled its upgraded version of its Bebop 2 Drone. Introducing the Bebop 2 Power Drone FPV by Parrot. As the name indicates, it’s a more powerful version than its predecessor, giving pilots a full hour of flight time. With the option of four different pre-programmed flight movements and four selfie modes, this is an enthusiast’s dream drone.

Oofos Sandals Review

Is there anything better than coming home at the end of a long day and sliding your feet into a pair of slippers? Oofos is a brand that wants to give you that same sensation every hour of the day with its line of sandals for men and women. Known as a recovery brand, Oofos makes products for people who spend a lot of time on their feet. Nurses and other medical professionals love this brand because they can get comfy shoes that they can wear for hours. These sandals are great for a day on the beach as well as sightseeing on your next vacation.


Pioneer of Social Robots and MIT Professor Cynthia Braezeal calls JIBO, “the world’s first social robot.” Designed specifically to help everyone out in your family throughout the day, JIBO is a three-dimension socially communicative device. This friendly, helpful, intelligent robot snaps family photos, acts as a digital concierge, reminds grandma to take her meds, reads a bedtime story to the kids, you name it. Since JIBO is a platform, there’s no limit to the skills a third-party developer can create. In other words, JIBO is a customizable robot with tons of upside.

McAfee Coin (MCF) ICO

John McAfee is known for pioneering antivirus software. But now, the enthusiastic Bitcoin supporter is dipping his feet into revolutionizing the world of ICOs and VC with the McAfee Coin and Startup Accelerator. While some believe that this new venture by McAfee may be too lofty and ambitious, others are hoping to see revolution along with some profit.


By combining breakthrough battery storage, an innovative inverter system, and intelligence software, SunCulture Solar, Inc. created SolPad – an integrated device that is less expensive, more powerful, and easier to use than any solar power system on the market today.

Daptly Display

Whether it’s connecting to an early morning iPod NPR newscast, traffic updates before heading out to work, or displaying last night’s sports scores, Daptly personalizes the experience for each user.

Zcash (ZEC) ICO

Bitcoin and many other coins are surging to all-time highs. Many people are making big purchases with digital tokens. Others are digital trading as a retirement supplement. There’s never a dull moment in the world of cryptocurrencies. Every coin promises a revolution in one way or another. Zcash is a cryptocurrency that aims to offer unprecedented privacy protection of transactions through the use of zero-knowledge cryptography.