LIFX Smart Light Bulb

With 16 million color options, the LIFX smart light bulb strategically illuminates your home and at the same time, connects to all the latest smart home apps. The custom controlled LED strips are suitable for both indoor lighting as well as the outdoors. Available in A19 and BR20 sizes, you can select a limitless spectrum of colors for eight individually addressable zones.


If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “what’s beneath me,” during a casual swim at the beach or like most of us, have PTSD after watching Jaws, then it may be time to purchase a magnetic shark repellent called, Sharkbanz. For the sole purpose of alleviating an inherent fear of sharks, Co-founders and recreational surfers Nathan and David Garrison of Mano, LLC have created Sharkbanz.

PicoBrew Pico

By partnering with over 150 award-winning pubs from around the world, Pico allows users to customize the brewing experience. From tuning the hops for bitterness to adjusting the alcohol content, each brew cycle contains authentic, eco-friendly ingredients.

GrowWall Gardening System

As gardening technology advances, year-round indoor hydroponic systems are all the rave. GrowWall, Opcom Farm’s revolutionary gardening system, is capable of growing 75 plants with a 5-tier display. Designed to harvest a full crop of fruits and vegetables in just a matter of 4-5 weeks, GrowWall’s starter kit includes seeds, nutrients, pH adjusters, and EC and pH meters.

Nest Thermostat 3.0

The world was introduced to the Nest Thermostat smart climate control system in 2011. The now Google-owned smart home company has recently launched its third generation Nest Learning Thermostat. Nest’s version 3.0 can only be described as impressive with a new Farsight feature that allows users to spot room temperatures from 20 feet away.


If you’ve ever wanted to harvest fresh vegetables straight from your home or back yard, then the OGarden might be the right product for you. The product resembles a miniature ferris wheel and rotates produce around a light source so that you can grow your own healthy food from the comfort of your house.

Cirrus Shower

Today I wanted to take a quick look at a product I’ve heard great things about with the Cirrus Shower line of products. With 10 x’s more surface area coverage and 13 x’s more thermal efficiency, Cirrus claims to be a revolutionary showerhead that uses 75% less water. Cirrus uses water-atomizing CloudMaker technology that transforms your shower experience into a hydrotherapeutic session.

BIRD by MUV Interactive

After five years in development, Israeli-based start-up MUV Interactive created Bird for one reason: to make our lives easier. If you’ve accepted the connected lifestyle and want to sync all of your devices under one roof, Bird is a no-brainer purchase. Designed to “turn any space/technology into an interactive experience,” MUV’s revolutionary wearable detects user’s movements, location, orientation, force, and proximity to your connected technology.

Lovevery Review

Lovevery is a new brand that makes toys and educational products for kids of all ages. As the products use wood and other durable materials, they will last for years. Lovevery also works with teachers and other professionals to ensure that kids learn as they play.

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Blueland Soap Review

Blueland Soap is a company that hopes to change the world and the way that customers clean. A woman by the name of Sarah launched the company after she found herself shock at how much trash her family produced. The amount only grew after she had her first child. She wanted to create eco-cleaning products that worked well and were easy to use but also produced less waste. Those who created plastic wanted a material that would last for years, but they didn’t think about the dangers that it would have on the environment. Plastic waste ends up in the ocean where it can kill or hurt animals and landfills where it never breaks down.