GoSun Go Solar Oven

GoSun has developed a truly groundbreaking solar oven. Designed to be portable, durable, and highly versatile, the GoSun Go can heat up to 500 degrees F and cooks most meals in 20-30 minutes. Weighing only 2 lbs (.9 kg), the Go has the ability to steam, bake, roast, and boil all using GoSun’s cutting-edge patented solar technology. If you’re a lover of the outdoors and want an eco-friendly alternative to propane stoves/charcoal grills, this is a great purchase.

The Effie Ironing Machine

Using the perfect combination of both heat and steam, the all-new Effie machine is capable of drying and ironing up to 12 articles of clothing. With just a press of a button, Effie spits out perfectly pressed garments whether it’s your shirts, trousers, t-shirts, blouses, short dresses, bedsheets, towels, pillowcases, etc. If you like your socks and underwear toasty before tackling the day, just toss them in Effie and let the machine work its magic.

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Ideal for those involved in house remodeling, interior design, exhibition design, and home improvement, the VH-80 is a bilateral laser device capable of measuring up to 80 meters. Engineered to calculate the distance between itself and targets with pinpoint accuracy, the VH-80 laser can take three values at the same time (left, right and the total length).

LaDouche Hot Water Heater

Capable of producing unlimited hot water and designed to reduce 20% water consumption, Solable’s eco-friendly device is poised to revolutionize the shower experience worldwide.

SmartDesk 2

If you work from home – are considering working for home – or always planned on building a home office – you are in the right place. Introducing SmartDesk 2 – considered by most to be the world’s most affordable, highest quality standing desk on the market today.

HYDRAO Smart Shower

The HYDRAO Smart Shower is a new, eco-friendly shower head that aims to reduce our aquatic footprint with an aesthetically pleasing light show. Developed by French firm Start & Blue, the HYDRAO Smart Shower is a straightforward and elegant solution to minimizing excessive water usage.


Fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand and with a companion app called Aletha Mobile, you can easily spread up to seven Sensor-1 devices throughout your home, office, hotel, etc. and if disturbed, get instant notifications sent to your smartphone.