What’s more exciting to a kid than LEGO? Today’s sets are even more exciting, integrating state of the art features with the classic brick system. Introducing the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox. This LEGO set is awesome because you get to build some pretty cool stuff while learning the basics of coding.

Synthetic Muscle Brings Lifelike Robots Closer to Reality

 Artificial intelligence (AI) has made headlines nearly every day this year. Jaguar wants AI not behind the steering wheel, but in it. LG is working on a smart mower robot for your lawn. And Microsoft recently revealed Brainwave, their solution for real-time AI. But now, Columbia University researchers are figuring out how to enable robots to “flex their muscle”  in a different, more literal way.

At 179.3 mph, Drone Captures Guinness World Record

Already considered the NFL of drone racing, the DRL (Drone Racing League) is on a mission to bring its sport into the mainstream limelight. On the heels of the DRL raising $20 million from broadcasting network Sky and Formula 1’s Liberty Media Corp, the company has a serious shot at making professional drone racing a worldwide phenomenon. With the 2017 DRL season already underway as of June 20th, the DRL Techops team wanted to showcase the revolutionary technology that will someday become the future of drone racing.

Tipron by Cerevo

First introduced at CES 2016, Tipron – a mobile robot projector – is the brainchild of Japanese smart device manufacturer Cerevo. Capable of beaming an 80-inch screen onto any wall in your home from approximately 10 feet away (3 meters), Tipron is an app-controlled smart projector designed to roll into action whenever the family craves their media fix.


Imagine if your desk lamp was smart enough to know your ideal environment for working from home or your preferred brightness levels for reading prior to bed. Introducing Lumigent – the smart desk lamp that understands voice commands like, “Hey Lumi, change the position to bedtime reading.”