Designed to track the sun like a sunflower, SolarGaps smart blinds automatically adjust their position to optimal energy harnessing angles. With the ability to generate enough power to run 30 LED light bulbs, SolarGaps blinds are the perfect combination of IoT smart home device and intuitive renewable energy source.

Ember Mug

Temperature plays a huge role in the taste of your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Believe it or not, the ideal drinking temperature for coffee or tea is at 135° Fahrenheit and it’s nowhere near the average serving temperature of 160° F. So, most people are left with a scalding hot or lukewarm cup of coffee. California-based Ember Technologies wants to fix the hot beverage epidemic that’s haunting coffee and tea drinkers worldwide – so they created the Ember Mug.

Dyson 360 Eye

The all-new Dyson 360 Eye is hands-down the most powerful robot vacuum on the market today. Equipped with the Dyson digital motor (V2) that spins up to 78,000 rpm, this incredible device epitomizes the Dyson brand. With two different suction modes (Max and Quiet) – both controllable from the Dyson Link app – the 360 Eye robot guarantees one of the most thorough cleaning experiences.

The Everlast Notebook

The Rocketbook notebook is designed to help reduce paperwaste and serve as your notebook for years to come. and since it connects to cloud-based services, the technology only gets smarter. It’s easy! Just scribble down whatever your heart desires, then scan the QR code found on the bottom left of each page, and your note will be uploaded into the cloud.

FoodCycler FC-30

With a food recycling bin, you can transform your food waste into something useful and practical. Using the FoodCycler, you can quickly condense your food waste into compost. This can then be used throughout the garden or to help plants around your home grow. You can save waste, energy, and even money with this device. If you are an avid gardener, you quickly find that compost is always on your shopping list. With a food recycling bin, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Gate Smart Lock

San Francisco-based Gate Labs has designed an all-in-one smart lock that watches your home even when you’re not there. Armed with a key cylinder, a keypad entry system, and a motion-activated camera, Gate is a connected smart lock that lets the homeowner see who’s at their front door.

The SpinX Robotic Toilet Cleaner

I know no one on the face of the planet enjoys cleaning a toilet. I don’t like it, you probably don’t like it, but It’s a necessary evil if you want to keep a clean home. That’s where a product like the SpinX Robotic Toilet Cleaner comes in to try and take some of that necessity off of your hands.

The Ecocapsule Smart Home

The Ecocapsule smart home is a self-sufficient, green tiny house. It’s designed for off-grid living; it harvests rainwater and electricity for your use. It also comes with a data network connection in case you need your daily dose of internet. With enough space for two people, this light and mobile house is a great home away from home.