Zungle Panther

With similar design features as Ray Ban’s Wayfarer, the Zungle Panther is a set of audio shades with built-in bone conduction speakers. By connecting your lightweight (0.1 lb) shades to your smart phone via Bluetooth, you’re able to whip around town listening to your favorite playlists. The bone conductor speaker technology transmits sound waves to the listener’s skull via vibrations.

Smart Remote

Combining the powers of both a universal remote and a smartphone, SevenHugs’ Smart Remote connects all of your home’s devices in the most intuitive way possible. Simply stated, it’s a remote that controls everything. With its unique sensor fusion technology SevenHugs has developed what it calls, “the world’s first contextual remote control.”

DigitSole SmartShoe 001

Taking wearable technology to an entirely different level, the French startup DigitSole has created the world’s first smart shoe and it’s awesome. With its futuristic and urban design, their SmartShoe 001 is fully connected (Bluetooth 4.0), automatically tightens, and comes equipped with heated sole technology.