Nexar Beam Review

The Nexar Beam is a window mounted camera that is installed in your car to record the road ahead of you. This way if there’s an accident or something occurs on the road that you need to show to your insurance company or the police, you have the footage ready at a moment’s notice.

Tesla Model S

When superior performance and safety comes standard in one of the most technologically-advanced electric cars imaginable you’ve got yourself a Tesla. Capable of 0-60 mph in an impressive 2.5-seconds and depending upon the package, the Model S ranges anywhere between 490 to 500 miles on a fully charged battery. On the conservative side of things, that means your Model S can travel from Boston to New York without needing to recharge.

2017 Chevy Bolt EV

Equipped with an electronic precision shift, Michelin self-sealing tires, a 10.2-inch diagonal touch-screen and a rear vision camera, the baseline model is an action-packed EV that comes with a full suite of high-tech safety features. Available in Silver Ice Metallic, Arctic Blue Metallic, Kinetic Blue Metallic, Orange Burst Metallic, Cajun Red Tintcoat, Nightfall Gray Metallic, and Mosaic Black Metallic, drivers can match their personalities accordingly.

AuricSound S7

For those who want to experience the potential of their headphones, the compact Auric Sound S7 produces high-resolution audio that records at a higher frequency than CDs. Catering to anyone who loves music, the Auric Sound S7 supports numerous formats that include MPS, DSD, DSD-IFF, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, MQA, and AAC.

eZone Electric Bike Saddle

In the modern world people, including myself, are often looking for alternatives to cars to get around. Bikes makes for one wonderful option, but a typical bike is simply not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s where electric bikes come in to offer a different experience for people who are still interested in a basic design similar to a bike.

Lyra Mission Bicycle

Introducing Lyra – Mission Bicycle’s premium commuter bike, equipped with integrated lighting and built-in GPS. Mission Bicycle wants to “help you fall in love with cycling by building the most personal, reliable, and remarkable city bicycle available”.

Seaboard Block

Roli – the British digital music startup – has developed a modular keyboard surface designed to connect with a full suite of compatible music programs. Whether you’re looking to create your next digital masterpiece in a local café or bring the Seaboard’s portable setup up on stage; the affordable keyboard is an action-packed player equipped with NOISE, Equator Player, BLOCKS Dashboard, and a MaxMSP software program.

RIVER Mobile Power Station

Battery life and power are important things to have no matter where you are. That’s why there are products like the RIVER Mobile Power Station that try to give consumers a way to bring that power supply with them on the go. How well does it work, what are my thoughts on what has been said about it, and what are the general features of the RIVER Mobile Power Station are all important questions that I hope to answer here.

GeoOrbital Wheel

The era of electric bikes is in full swing. Technology has enabled people to transform a traditional pedal bike into an electric-powered machine. During this time of advancement, the GeoOrbital Wheel has thrown its hat in the ring by being a replacement for a standard bicycle wheel.