RIVER Mobile Power Station

Battery life and power are important things to have no matter where you are. That’s why there are products like the RIVER Mobile Power Station that try to give consumers a way to bring that power supply with them on the go. How well does it work, what are my thoughts on what has been said about it, and what are the general features of the RIVER Mobile Power Station are all important questions that I hope to answer here.

Gate Smart Lock

San Francisco-based Gate Labs has designed an all-in-one smart lock that watches your home even when you’re not there. Armed with a key cylinder, a keypad entry system, and a motion-activated camera, Gate is a connected smart lock that lets the homeowner see who’s at their front door.


Capable of reducing low-frequency noises up to 40dB, QuietOn earplugs block distracting noises like the hum of an airplane or the heavy bass of a snore. Ideal for traveling, work, studying, meditating, or simply a moment of relaxation, QuietOns are ergonomically designed and super easy to use. With 50 hours of use on a single charge, these versatile earplugs are perfect for motorcycle rides, the morning commute, students having difficulty concentration, and even for people suffering from noise sensitivity disorder.

Crowdfunding Buyers Guide

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in a country’s economy and in fact in the world. With the gradual rise of world population, countries that will produce enough food to feed their population and to export will have one of the most important resources akin to oil today.

Smartduvet Breeze

According to the Canadian-based Smartduvet, Breeze uses the scientific effect of “evaporation cooling” to increase your body’s natural evaporation process. Without having to replace your own bedding, Breeze’s intuitive technology slips in-between your duvet cover and uses strategically placed chambers to cool and heat your body.


The commute to and from work is evolving and thanks to innovative tech startups like WALNUTT, consumers are beginning to adopt alternative forms of transportation. Introducing SPECTRA – an electric personal vehicle that is described by most at the “Tesla of Skateboards.” Armed with a Posture Control System (3D Step) capable of learning your body’s movements, this state-of-the-art ride is challenging the status-quo of “driving to work.”


Dispelling the myth that you can’t wear traditional headphones with your helmet, Soundsheild’s patented docking system securely locks in its audio system – allowing the wearer to rip down a mountain while enjoying a favorite music track.

Pilot: Language Translator

Pilot, a smart earpiece language translator, uses the latest in speech recognition technology to clearly understand other languages. Can you imagine living in a world without a language barrier or never having to worry about being lost in translation while traveling?